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Tips & FAQ's

  • Is the GLOstik™ toxic or poisonous?

   All Catchmaster™ glue is non-toxic and pesticide free.


  • How do I remove the glue from skin or surfaces?

  Use vegetable oil or mineral spirits to remove glue.

  • Is the GLOstik™ waterproof?

  While it is not waterproof and is not recommended for unattended

  outdoor use, don't worry if a little water or rain gets on the trap. If

  the trap gets wet, remove the battery operated base from glue tube

  and turn switch to OFF position. Remove batteries, gently pat dry

  the base and leave open to air dry. 

  • How long will the LED bulb last?

  The bulb is energy efficient and will last over 10,000 hours. The batteries will power the GLOstik™ for over 200 hours of continuous use.

  • When should the glue tube be replaced?

   Replace the used tube with a disposable                   when needed, or every 30 days.  

  • Where can I buy refill glue tubes?

   Click here to purchase refill tubes and GLOstik™ traps.

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Placement Ideas

Use Indoors
  • Overnight, slide power switch to the ON position to trap mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects that have entered during the day.
  • To maximize battery life, switch power OFF during daylight hours and when overhead lights are on.
  • Hang or place in low light areas:

- Bedroom
- Campers
- Enclosed Porches
- Inside cabinets
- Under or above counters
- Pantries
- Attics
- Rooms with plants
- Window Sills
- Crawl Spaces


Use Outdoors
  • From dusk and during the night, place one or more GLOstiks™ approximately 10-15 feet from where you are sitting. Slide power switch to the ON position to trap mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects
  • To maximize battery life, switch off during daylight.
  • Hang or place in low light areas:

- BBQ’s
- Camping
- Garages
- Patios
- Porches
- Greenhouse
- Treehouse
- Playhouse
- Poolhouse
- Boathouse


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