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Show How You GLO

Welcome to the 'Show How You GLO' page. The portable GLOstik™ is so versatile and fun to use, that we decided to let you share the many ways and places it can serve you and your family. Tell us how and where you use your GLOstik™ trap!

Socc_mom_5   says

"I used my GLOstiks after a family gathering at my house a couple nights ago. I placed one in my kitchen, one by the patio door and the other in the garage. All of these places had doors and windows that were being opened and closed throughout the night. The GLOstiks caught all of the flies and mosquitoes that came in through the evening! I couldn't believe it the next day. The great thing is, all I had to do was turn the trap on and walk away - so easy!"

longhornsfan82   says

"I set out the stick on the left while relaxing in the backyard last night. I put the glostik a few feet away from us and saw the insects getting trapped on the glue and was amazed by how many it caught. Im going to use the second trap I bought this weekend during our BBQ."

legal_gal   says

"I'm in charge of planning our office's annual convention, which kicks off with an early breakfast meet and greet. I noticed that we had a few flies in the building the day before which would not go over well! I turned on the Glostik overnight and saw all of the bugs it trapped during the night. It is very bright and very sticky- so I knew it would work.  Just don't get it on you hands or clothes. I had to use baby oil to get it off of my hands, which worked perfectly."

Show Us Your GLO!

Share your GLOstik™ story with us and we'll ask you to send a picture! We can't wait to hear from you!

Email us at or share on Facebook or Twitter with #GLOstik #Catchmaster

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